Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are among those we are asked most frequently. Just click on ">>" after the questions for our answer in the form of short videos. It is likely you will have more specific questions if you are considering legal guidance to plan your own estate, administer an estate, serve as health care agent for an individual's Advance Medical Directive, and/or pursue estate litigation.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. What should I bring to our first meeting? >>

2. What is an Advance Medical Directive and do I need one? >>

3. Why do I need an attorney to prepare my will when I can download a form from the internet?  >>

4. What is probate? >>

5. What is a trust and do I need one? >>

6. When do you create a trust and why? >>

7. What’s involved with the administration of an estate? >>

8. What is a fiduciary? >>

9. How do federal and state taxes impact an estate? >>

10. How do you handle disputes in the settlement of an estate? >>

11. What do you do when a business is part of the estate? >>

12. Do I need long term care insurance? >>