Thoughtful questions.  Discreet advice.  Trusted advocacy.    These are the hallmarks of Smith & Pugh.

With our 30 years of experience and depth of expertise in estate planning and trust and probate administration,  Smith & Pugh, PLC, offers the personal attention, wise counsel, and customized legal documents you need to address the many complex issues surrounding your estate.

Whether you come to us as an individual, couple, family, or business, our goal is to protect your interests and those of your heirs by safeguarding your real and personal property. When necessary, we provide effective dispute resolution.  Increasingly, as advances in medicine lengthen our lives,  we focus on providing you the information and guidance you need to make informed decisions about deeply personal matters concerning end of life. Our mission is to put in place the instruments that ensure your intentions are met and your legacy is fulfilled.

We consider it a privilege to serve you and welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our firm.

Daniel D. Smith

Daniel D. Smith

W. Franklin Pugh

W. Franklin Pugh

Matthew L. Clark

Matthew L. Clark

Current Articles

"Famous Estate Blunders and How To Avoid Them" by Amy and Dan Smith

These celebrities’ tales are a strong reminder to review your estate plan before it’s too late.There’s a calm comfort that comes with estate planning: a sense that your family will be taken care of after you pass away (hopefully at a ripe old age).  Continue... 

"Five Key Retirement Questions" by Amy and Dan Smith

Beyond asking yourself where you see yourself and even what your lifelong goals are, effective retirement and longevity planning begs some very big questions. Review the points below and consider how housing, transportation and health considerations all play a role in planning for your future.  Continue...

"It's Time to Review Your Estate Planning Basics" by Amy and Dan Smith

Beginners and billionaires alike should refresh their knowledge of these basic estate planning terms and concepts.  The word “estate” tends to conjure up images of billionaires and aristocrats, but estate planning is not just for the wealthy.  Continue... 

"Investing in the Family Stock" by Amy and Dan Smith

Family relationships are usually not considered under the rubric of “investments”.  Yet, the personal gain and loss from family relationships is much more significant than economic return from stocks and bonds.  Continue...

Here on our blog you’ll find Dan Smith’s and Frank Pugh’s insights on estate planning, trust administration, and business law. You’ll also find the column “Planning for Life,” written by Dan and his wife, financial planner Amy V. Smith, CFP, CIMA. It explores how financial and estate planning work together to help you meet your life’s goals. If you’d like to learn more about any topic on the blog, please send us an email


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